I realize most people know about staging and realtors understand the importance of it.  Staging a home, even partially staging a home really does make a difference in the sale of a home.  Any expense paid for this service is almost always returned abundantly with the sale of the home.  The biggest impact staging a home makes is on the potential buyers and their ability to connect with the house and really picture it as their own.

Who this service is for:  This service is for realtors with property listings and as well for homeowners wanting to obtain this service for the sale of their home.

Questions about staging:

Q – Do you need to stage the entire home?   A – Depending on the home, many times staging can redone in just a few areas.  Just doing a few key areas will give buyers a good feeling of the home.

Q –  What is “occupied staging”?     A –  Occupied staging is utilizing what the current homeowner has and removing personal items and sometimes adding additional decor to create an appealing visual for potential buyers.

Q –  Can someone just get advice as to what to do in order to stage their own home?  A –  I do offer staging consultations for clients that want advice on what to do to prepare the home.  This is done with a walk-through with the clients and followed up with a report of recommendations.

How this works:  This service works by scheduling an appointment to have me come see the home.  For occupied staging, their is an initial consultation and then a scheduled day to stage.  Through the staging process, I will be redesigning portions of the home to create the most appeal, which happens on staging day.  I have inventory to add to most homes and any large pieces necessary can be rented from outside vendors.  For staging consultations, once an appointment is set, I come to the home and walk through with clients and follow up within 24 hours with a written report of recommendations.  Both services cover both inside and outside of the home. 

Service cost: 

Staging consultations w/report – $300.00

Occupied staging – Initial consult – $300.00 in which $100.00 credit will be applied to the charge of $650.00 for actual staging day once staging day appointment is set.   Rental fees apply to any items added to home for staging.

Staged Guest Suite
Staged Master Bedroom
Staged Master Bath
Staged Outdoor Seating

Holly has dozens of outstanding personal characteristics and abilities; I have first hand knowledge of her honesty, loyalty, competence and trustworthiness, sense of responsibility and easy going temperament. These qualities are vital to the real estate industry. Holly’s strongest qualities are her design creativity, determination for excellence and expectancy of quality in her work. I have been a broker for 24 years and have sold over 400+ homes and I appreciate the excellent and cooperative spirit she has with every aspect of the home selling process.
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