When it comes to moving into a new home, the process of what to put where can sometimes be a struggle.  Finding the right place for each piece of furniture to provide a great layout really adds to the overall flow to the home.

With Space Planning, having the rooms already created with a “road map” of what will go where, allowing for the most appeal and conduciveness for the people living there and it really makes the moving in process that much easier.  Having your plan for your home removes all the guesswork out of moving around pieces of furniture to see what works best.

Who this service is for:  This service works for are people who are going to be moving into a new home and needing help with the placement of all their furniture and items to set up a new home.  This service will also work for people looking to re-design their existing home with new furniture, especially if they have decided to remodel or are just wanting to change things up in their home.

How it works:  The process of space planning  works by obtaining the square footage layout of the home or specific room you are needing the plan for.  Floor plans from the builder or architect are great if they are accessible.  Otherwise, I would need to collect the square footage of the home and window and door placements so as to properly begin the space planning.  Once the measurements are received, the plans are drawn to specifications and proper measurements.  You will receive a space plan for each individual room you have selected to have completed.

Service cost:  Cost for space planning is $1.20 per square foot.

Room Sketch

With a room sketch, this is a drawing to depict the actual pieces of furniture in the room along with simple decor and window coverings to give the client a visual of the intended design.  This helps to really see if the choices you are thinking about will look how you wish.

Who this service if for:  This service works for any client looking to obtain a visual of an intended design of a room.  The room sketch is done according to approximate measurements to show the client to overall look to the design.

How it works:  This works best with having pictures of the room along with the measurements and the  pieces or type of furniture you are considering.  Once these are in hand, a room sketch is rendered and sent to you within 3 days.  

Service cost:  Cost for individual room sketch is $200.00 per room

Space planning
Room sketch

I met Holly through a professional networking group. She helped me with bathroom design ideas and overall home design. She has inspirational and professional design ideas that I would never had envisioned myself. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge she has as well as the assistance in helping me implement the ideas into reality.
Wendi – Mission Viejo

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