Room Transformations

This category was created to really suit the needs of many clients.  I have discovered that there is quite a number of people who really just need someone who can come into their home and bring the room or rooms to life.

Room transformations or as some call them “spruce ups” is just as it sounds.  It’s basically taking what you already have, maybe adding to it with some fresh decor or moving things around and switching somethings out.  The end result is that you end up with a fresh new look and feel to your room and I guarantee something you will love!

How it works:  You will schedule and appointment with me to come to your home.  Prior to us meeting, I will have you send me photos of the intended room or rooms so I can prepare.  On the appointment day, I will show up at your home and get to work making changes, possibly bringing in decor and furnishings to show you what you can do.  (At times, clients will have me shop for them for the decor I think would look best).  Once completed, you will have a fresh new look to your room or rooms!  This process usually can take place within about 2 hours, so it really doesn’t take up much of your time!

Who is this service for:  This service works well for anyone looking to make changes to a room or rooms, update the look in their home or just bring in fresh ideas to really make a room gorgeous, in a short time.

Service Cost:  $135.00 per hour  –  Shopping for client – $75.00 per hour (Note: as mentioned, room changes are usually completed in 2 hours or less)


Holly with Grace Designs O.C. did such a beautiful job on redesigning our home!
She did an amazing job of keeping our beauty feel that we have always loved and all the while creating a less cluttered and cleaner environment. All of the decor, rugs, candles and bedding was so fabulous we ended up purchasing half of it! Thank you SO much to Grace Designs O.C. for making our home complete!
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Is it time to to update the look in your home?

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