What is E-Design?

E-Design is actually a 3D rendering done through Photoshop.  With E-Design, these room renderings can actually provide each client an actual picture of how the room will look after the design work. 

For example, you are thinking of selecting new pieces of furniture for your home along fresh paint and decor.  The E-Design rendering can give you a 3-D visual picture of what the room will look like before you decide. 

How it works:  You can choose from different furniture pieces, artwork, flooring, paint color and the finishing touches of decor all based on your preferences.  The E-Design is then created by me, placing all the furnishings in place along with paint, carpet and additional decor.  Shadow and light are added to really create a realistic visual of your proposed design room.

Who this works for:  This service is really suited for people deciding to create a new look to their home or are planning to purchase all new furnishings.  The details that are put into the E-Design will create an almost photo like image of the designed room.  It really gives the client a chance to really see what the pieces will look like in their home before buying.

The E-Design also works for the “Virtual Staging” of a home going on the market.  The images created will give potential buyers a realistic and beautiful design of the home.

Individual room  design – From $350 on up (depending on the scope of the room)

Beach bedroom E-Design
Livingroom E-Design

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