About Grace Designs O.C.

Grace Designs O.C. was created in 2017 with a goal of helping people create a beautiful home and environment.
I have always felt that having your surroundings be comfortable, conducive and aesthetically pleasing has a positive affect on your daily life. When you feel good in your environment, whether it be your home or office, it can provide such benefits and inspiration to you.

I believe that trying to design a room so it looks amazing is not something that everyone easily can do. It takes a good eye for design and knowing how to structure and balance furnishings along with choosing the right colors in order to really bring the room(s) to life. This is where I come in….creating a fabulous design that breathes fresh life and inspiration into the home.

Whether you just moved into a new home or you have been in your home home for a while, great layout and design is really key to bringing out the beauty of your home and making it visually appealing, comfortable and inspiring to you. It really should be your sanctuary! The same is true for where you work, as this is where you can spend much of your time.

I believe our homes should be a true reflection of who we are and be an inspiring environment for us to live in. I create each space uniquely for every individual client, listening to their vision for their home and incorporating that vision with beautiful design ideas to really help create a home my clients are truly going to love!

About Holly

I have always had an amazing passion for design and creating beautiful surroundings in the home.  I have done it for years in my own homes and for friends and family.  Though my career history has been in mortgage and real estate, interior design has always been a part of what I have done.  Learning early how to sew, I started with window dressings and moved forward from there with paint, paneling (yes, when it was popular …) and carpet and furniture, you name it, my secret obsession with design and decorating started early.

 So after moving back to Orange County in 2016 and starting anew,  I created Grace Designs O.C. in 2017, which was a dream for me that was quite simple….just to create beauty.  My huge passion for creating gorgeous surroundings for people rates right up there with my passion for my amazing family, including my two adorable grandkids, my great friends, my two yorkies, Zeus and Bentley, my yoga practice and my collection of fabulous boots and 80’s music……die hard Def Leppard fan!!

I have learned also, through learning to blog that I absolutely love writing and sharing with others my own take of things and such. More than that I love bold honesty and saucy brashness that really gets to the root of topics…..pretty much saying it like it is.  Thank you Mark Manson and Alycia Wicker for your fabulous writing and inspiration!  I guess that’s the beauty of getting a little older….learning what is really important and clearly what’s not and not being afraid of the truth and seeing the humor in so many things. (Which in many ways works well for design.)

Bucket list items:  Travel to Paris in the month of January (after learning some more French), vacation in Bora Bora anytime for at least 2 weeks, get front row tickets to Def Leppard concert with a meet and greet, (Hello Joe, lovely to meet you!), pen an amazing and entertaining book shedding light on the humor and grace of life (as you only learn as you get older),  leave a great quote that somehow inspires others,  meet Nicholas Cage as I love his movies and his Uncle Francis’ restaurant “Rustic” up in NorCal and I think they would love my homemade limoncello, learn to surf here in Southern California, watch my grandkids grow up to be amazing young adults and continue to enjoy the sunsets in Laguna Beach and show how fabulous and fun it is to rock your 50’s and enjoying living in Orange County, CA.

P.S.  I included my list so you would know me a bit better! xoxo

Here are some reviews….

I have used Holly from Grace Designs O.C. on different projects and she has been an absolute joy to work with. Her ideas are always fresh and concise; she listens to mine and ultimately I always go with hers! Every project, no matter the size, she has always worked within my budget and is a complete professional. The shopping trips have to be my favorite though. Though she is no longer in my area, I will continue to use her for all of my design needs
Version 2
Deanna T.
San Jose
I am a single male living in a Luxury Apartment. To say I have an eye for what looks good would be highly overstated. I am so thankful for Holly at Grace Designs O.C. and how she was able to spruce up my apartment. With a feminine touch, Holly was able to transition my apartment to my own personal sanctuary. I never thought my apartment could look like a home. She made it happen. Love it!
Clarence F.

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