So to start off with this post, the first thing I should mention is the title.  I initially wanted to call it “How To Sexy Up Your Bedroom Design”, but have since learned about SEO and how Google tracks, so I instead have to start if off with a “common” set of words people will Google.  But I can still get my licks in!  That being said, let’s get started with this quick blog… on “How To Decorate A Bedroom” (see, I have to put it here again…Ha!)

I have long had an secret obsession with amazing and sumptuous bedrooms, basically how to truly decorate a bedroom.  You know, the kinds of gorgeous beds that make you want to dive in and just sleep or….dive in with someone else…… you get what I am saying.  My secret bed obsession pics are usually Horchow and Z Gallerie for starters.  We may all have a different take on what we want our bedrooms to look like, but the one thing that drives me crazy is when people treat there bedroom anything but special.  For example, sleep pillows on the bed with a bedspread (kind of 70’s-80’s), looking like you put together a Walmart bed (no offense to Walmart, but not in the bedroom) or you just half-ass some assembly of what appears to be a bed and nightstands, but you have too much crap in the room, so it ends up looking like a room with a bed in it.

My take on the bedroom is that it is a sacred place.  It is really your sanctuary.  You rest rest and rejuvenate.  You love.  I mean seriously,  who wants to jump into a boring or stale bed versus something that makes you want to collapse on it, whether by yourself or with someone.  Note the photos below and tell me which one you would jump into…..




How To Decorate A Bedroom >>>>>>>


<<<<<<<  How Not To


Take your time to come to a decision……


Picture courtesy of The VHT Blog

Picture courtesy of The Spruce

Clearly these pictures are to make a point.  When designing your bedroom, or “sexying it up” as I like to call it, the feeling you get when walk into it, speaks volumes.  Not just about the room, but about you.  Not everyone needs to spend a fortune on creating a beautiful bedroom but there are some simple strategies to accomplish this.

1)  Please get matching nightstands as symmetry is the framework of the bed.

2)  Have some sort of a headboard.  You can choose from so many pieces, from wood to upholstered, all with a different feel.   The headboard really grounds the bed and is start of the statement in the room, grounding the bed itself and the design of the bedding.

3)  If you have a taller headboard, don’t put small lamps on the nightstand, as it looks out of balance and won’t create a good bedroom design.  Choose some lamps that look in balance with the headboard you have chosen.  Remember:  taller headboard = taller lamps (and yes, they should match too) It creates a more balanced and elegant look.

4)  Pillows:  Have some nice decorative pillows on the bed.  Pinterest has loads of ideas along with every other bedding company out there.  If you insist on keeping your sleep pillows on the bed and not in the closet, please hide them as they can distract from the overall appeal of the bed.  I’ve also heard that some husbands don’t like a lot of pillows on the bed.  Relax guys, they are just decorative and they don’t bite, but they do create a gorgeous bed.   Standard pillow count:  King: 3 euros, 2-3 throw pillows and a bolster pillow.  You can use 2 standard or king shams in place of the throw pillows or in addition to them.  Just play with it and see what looks good.  Queen:  2 euros are good with the rest of the pillows remaining the same.

5)  Area rug:  If you would like to have an area rug underneath your bed, make sure it extends out at least 3 feet in front of the bed and no less than 2 feet on the sides.  Anything smaller doesn’t look proportionately correct.

6)  Bedding:  Invest in some decent bedding for yourself.  Believe it or not, it does affect how you sleep.  I actually buy nice bedding for my room and guest room and press it before I put it on my bed.  This particular habit was created by staying in nice hotels i.e., Ritz Carlton, Pelican Hill, Wynn Las Vegas, where there bedding was to die for and I slept like a baby.  I like that crisp clean feeling, but that’s just me.

7)  Window dressing:  It’s really nice to have something to frame your windows that adds to the bedroom.  It doesn’t have to get wild, just some nice panels will finish off the look.  With this said, these 7 tips are the basics of “How to decorate a bedroom”.

8)  Throws are always gorgeous on a well designed bed.  Between the pillows and a beautiful throw blanket, try new textures like the faux fur or if you are feeling saucy, Z Gallerie has a gorgeous  throws which is add a very sexy and elegant touch to the bedroom.














In closing, I could add more as I love bedrooms, but this gives you a start on the basics of how to decorate a bedroom.  My final point would be not to clutter it up.   Your bedroom should not be storage.  There is a place for everything and everything should be in it’s place..  Experiment with different bedding as their is so many gorgeous choices. I just switched my bedroom to white linen for the duvet and euros  (Pottery Barn) and changed out the throw pillows and the lamps, still keeping within my color scheme and giving it a more summer feeling in time for the seasonal change. Love it!!  And yes, I made my bedroom sexy and beachy and comfy, as I like it.   I currently have 9 pillows on my bed!  Tend to your bedroom like the important room it is.  It should be your gorgeous sanctuary and you should really love it when walk into it. (Or want to dive on the bed)  I thank you for reading this blog or any others you may read.  Please feel free to comment below and as always, if you are ever in need for design work, please do get in touch with me.  I would love to help you !  P.S.  These are both rooms off of Horchow!

Much love and xoxo,