What is my design style??  It’s a question I have been asked several times and the answer, quite honestly has been slightly different each time with two common variables….comfortable and inviting.  It is something I think all of us consider when putting together a home.  You place your furniture to make it flow, add your pictures, decor and whatever else, to create a nice environment.  You see, I think design goes deeper than just where you place things.  Great design is something that you feel the moment you walk in the room.  It’s a feeling and emotion that grabs you when you are stimulated visually (no puns intended).  But in all truth, that is what great design is.  From the colors you choose, to the furniture and all other decor items added, the key is in choosing the right colors and furnishings and blending them in such a way as to create a work of art.  It’s not as complicated as it may sound, but it does take careful thought, planning and a very good eye.

Back to the initial question of my design style, I have been fortunate enough to experience many different design styles, either through clients or in my own homes.  I have designed a full Mediterranean estate, both inside and out, in which the furnishings were mostly traditional, but the decor, custom window treatments I designed and paint color were all very Mediterranean, which was fitting for an estate in Sonoma County.  With 14 foot ceilings, the custom window treatments were hung from medallions to enhance the Mediterranean “villa” design.  Everything was on a grand scale, large furniture, dark wood, tall indoor houseplants, which all combined was stunning.  I have also worked with the design of a coastal home in Bodega Bay, which had more of a rustic lodge feel to it, fitting for a cooler coastal community.  The home was warm and inviting, making you want to relax and read a good book, which was what the retreat home was designed for.  I have a client that loves mid-century modern and helping her with her design was so much fun.  From the bold colors of teal and navy and mixtures of gold, this design was quite fun to do.  The mid-century modern look can be created with so many changing variables….not quite minimalist or modern, just clean with a little extra cozy.  These are just a few of the styles I have worked with.

A good question to ask yourself is “what are you drawn to?” style wise.  There really are so many different design styles.  Mine right now is between coastal and rustic which I love!  I do think our style preferences change slightly over the years and there really is a lot to experiment with.  Here are a few:

Traditional living room courtesy of Gentiledefenseleague.com

Coastal living room courtesy of Coastal Living 

Industrial living room design courtesy of Solasumba

                    Bohemian living room courtesy of Nicholas Projects  

Mid Century Modern courtesy of J&J Design

So as I mentioned, these are a few of the design types.  As you can see by the pictures, each are distinct in there overall theme and look.  Each design type appeals to it’s own audience emotionally and visually.  Many design types can be somewhat blended to really achieve a unique look and design you want.  When it comes to “luxury” design,  I will cover that design style next week as that is a whole separate creation that encompasses many facets as well.  As for my personal preference, at this stage in my life and living in Orange County,  I am particularly fond of a “coastal design” that provides comfort and inspiration…

Credit to the attached links for the gorgeous pictures in this blog and “gentiledefenseleaugue” for the featured image.  As always, stay inspired and be creative and call me if you need design help or have questions.  Please feel free to comment or send questions through the link below!

Much love,