First off,  I have discovered how much I truly love writing especially doing these blogs.  Each time I go to write, I try to come up with good content pertaining to design work on some level that will educate my readers and be mildly entertaining to read.   In essence, I gave much thought to what I enjoy reading and what attracts me to other writer’s blogs and it’s honesty, transparency and telling it like it is.  So with that, let’s get started….

I have no doubt that each and everyone has had a vision of what a room or several rooms would look like after choosing what you thought was the “absolutely perfect” color of paint.  I am also willing to make a heavy wager that after the paint was rolled on the walls and dried…..many of us (including me) blankly stared at the walls and thought “WTF”????

I use that phrase (and I know we’ve all said it, more then once) only to connect the fact that YES it is common to pick a color you think is GORGEOUS, paint it on your wall and discover it looks absolutely HORRIBLE.  You’ve just spent time and money and are probably covered in paint yourself (and yes, spent more money if you hired painters) and instead of a beige wall, it looks pink or the blue you chose for a bedroom looks like a hospital and almost makes you feel depressed when you walk in.  The yellow you thought would look great in the kitchen makes it look like a cartoon because it is a cartoon color…..and the accent wall you decided to create is not only too dark and clashes or overtakes the room……it’s on the wrong wall.  These are just some of the mistakes I have heard of.  My personal mistakes have been painting a small bathroom with no windows a dark forest green that made it look like a kill room from a horror movie…(that was when I was in my 20’s) and the other was touching up a wall with what I thought was still good paint (I didn’t realize at the time paint can go bad) and I created leopard spots on more than one wall.  I also remember the last home I had, the builder had chosen the ever famous “Cliff’s View” from Dunn Edwards.  The color was hugely popular in the mid 2000’s and was usually complemented with Dunn Edwards “Swiss Coffee” on the trim.  It was actually a gorgeous combo.  But it also could also take on a salmon or flesh color depending on the furnishing and other items in the home as it had a slight pink undertone.


The thing to remember when choosing a paint color for a room or even your entire home is to remember that ALL colors have undertones.  What this means is that in all categories of paint color there is an undertone of either red, blue or yellow, the primary colors that are part of that pigment of the paint.  Other times the undertone is laced with a secondary primary color which is why a beige can look pink or green,  a gray can look too blue or a red can look brown and the list is endless….

It’s not that choosing color that is so difficult, it’s making sure that you are getting the right tonality, richness and overall beautiful color choice that will compliment the room.  If you think about it, the paint on your walls is the backdrop of your designed room.  Those walls are meant to enhance your furnishings and the overall look to the room having it balance with the fixed furnishings of the room i.e. kitchen fixtures and also with the furniture in the room.  A bad color choice can throw the whole room out of balance and trust me you will feel it every single time you walk into the room.

The last thing to mention is to always test your colors on the walls in varying degrees of light.  Each place you paint a swatch will give you a better idea of the color you are thinking of choosing.  Also, it can greatly help having a Certified Color Consultant help you with choosing the right colors for your home, which is a service I provide.  Color can look absolutely gorgeous in your home when it is the right color and tone.  It can provide a beautiful backdrop to your gorgeous furnishings and great color choice can enhance the beauty of a room.

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