I have realized with the work I do, that sometimes people don’t feel the need for a designer, as they think they know better.  Sometimes maybe….but most times, not.  I will tell you that I, myself have hired designers to come in and give their fresh pair of eyes on what I have created, especially so I can get a different perspective.  I have never regretted my decision and I was always introduced to some new ideas which I was able to incorporate within my home.

I have been in enough homes to know right away what could be done to really enhance the beauty of the home or the room,  thereby changing the surroundings a bit and in turn having a positive impact on the people living there.  I have also realized that some people don’t like change.  But here’s my take on that…..change is necessary.  For example, if you have a home that is dated, i.e. furniture, drapes, decor, I am going to bet that your general appearance may be a bit dated.  Trust me, I’ve seen it.  I know that may sound rough, but it’s really true.  The same goes for clutter or disorganization in your home.  Cluttered and disorganized home = cluttered and disorganized life.

My belief is really quite simple, if you want to create positive change in your life, start with your surroundings and your home, as they are the foundation of your life.  If you live in a home environment that you absolutely love being in, that instills comfort and beauty, you will be more comfortable, at peace and more inspired in your daily life.  Slowly you will see small changes in your daily life which will lead to big overall changes.


When you hire a designer to come in to your home, like myself, the first thing a good designer will do is get to know you and your home.  They will want to know about your life, things you like to enjoy at home, do you entertain friends and family, what is your favorite room to be in, did your kids just move out or does family come to the home for big dinners…..  From this initial conversation and really getting to know you, they will know how to implement the changes necessary to really bring out the best in your home.   They will know how to balance the colors, decor and really make the room/rooms gorgeous.  They also can expand your vision for your home with new ideas.   It’s not just about making something “pretty”.  Good design is more than that.  It is about creating a space that is conducive and appealing to you, along with being an inspiration to your soul.  Great design and layout just plain makes you feel good.

So in closing, if your decor is dated, change it up.   If it is cluttered, get rid of crap, get organized and watch what happens.  Take a chance and bring in a designer to help make those changes to your home and watch and see the beautiful results!  Believe me, having a beautiful home really makes all the difference for those who live there.

Much love,