This is just a brief blog to update you on Grace Designs O.C.  About a month ago, I had some trouble with my website and the IP address, which ended up bringing my website to a halt.  Given this, I had the opportunity to take stock of my business and do a little revamping.  Along with that, I have 2 fabulous people that helped me rebuild a brand new website, which is now live.  I am very grateful to my friend Alexis Flores, owner of “Photography 4 Real Estate” who is also a wonderful photographer.  His great eye for detail and creative outlook helped me expand my vision for my site.  I am also very blessed to have my sister, Deanna Thompson, owner of “Closet Full of Cash” who has encouraged great changes in the design of my site and has been key to implementing what I wanted my business to be about.  With extreme gratitude to both of these fabulous people, I am proud to introduce you to my new website that not only features some of my work, but design ideas for you and some of the new services I offer.

Happy Holidays!